3 Compromises You Should Never Make In Your Relationship

Merging your life with someone else’s involves compromise. And the ability to reach it is an essential aspect of a successful relationship. But there are some compromises you should never make, no matter how much you care about the other person.


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1. Being afraid to reveal who you are

We all have aspects of our personality of which we are not proud. But being in a healthy relationship means you can trust the other to reveal everything you are, the good and the bad. Any aspirations, beliefs, activities are a part of yourself and hiding them from your significant other can damage your self-image and in the end, your relationship.

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2. Not receiving respect

No matter how heated the argument between you and your partners gets, you should never feel disrespected. If your partner manifests contempt or hostility towards you, this is a crucial red flag, that you shouldn’t ignore. Learning how to fight the right way, by improving your conflict resolution skills, can save your relationship.

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3. Ignoring sexual incompatibility

Having an active and satisfactory sexual life is also a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship. If you cannot communicate to your partner your desires, fantasies and preferences, this will take a toll on your well-being and on your relationship. Have the courage to discuss these issues with your partner openly and sincerely! You can be sure that they will appreciate your honesty and that they also have things  they want to talk about on this topic.

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However, don’t forget that negotiating and reaching a reasonable compromise on less important issues can make your relationship stronger. Please, share this!