Love At First Sight Is Real And This Is How It Happens

We are in love with the idea of love at first sight, but can it actually happen? We grew up watching romantic movies with perfect strangers falling in love with each other at first glance. Is this phenomenon true? Can love at first sight be real?

How can we tell we’ve fallen for someone as soon as our eyes met? Can we really notice a person we don’t know anything about and imagine a future together, all in a matter of seconds? According to all those love movies, yes, you can.

Apparently, you can fall in love upon seeing someone for the very first time. But how does it work? What’s the explanation?

First of all, the concept of love at first sight is a bit hard to define. I mean, is it love or is it just lust? We may be confusing love with the sexual attraction we feel towards that person. It’s really hard to imagine we see our entire lives in the eyes of this stranger. But here’s why this is possible.

We tend to associate attractiveness and beauty with being kind and basically a good person. So no wonder we’re more inclined to want to spend our lives with someone we’re attracted to. And then, maybe this person reminds us of a past love or a very good friend. When we subconsciously associate the stranger in front of us with a positive and strong memory, it’s easier to fall in love.

“I believe in love at first sight, and I feel sometimes you have to just be open to whatever love is and let yourself fall.” Luke Kirby

Or maybe we’re drawn to them because they have some characteristics of our parents. We are hardwired to feel attracted by what is known: in this case, our parents’ features. So the explanation might be that it’s literally all in your head. Our brain makes a powerful connection upon seeing this stranger with someone we may have loved deeply. And ta da… you get love at first sight.

Love at first sight is real, even if it’s not going to last forever! Spread the love!