Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget That The Safe Path Is Not Always The Right Path

Our journeys are unique. Sometimes we may feel our paths in life have already been designed for us by society. We go to school and learn so we could go to work. And that’s not necessarily bad because education does matter. But that’s not the whole truth. We have a choice. We always do.

But we oftentimes wonder: is this all there is to life or is there more? We may have reached a certain level of stability in our lives and we feel grateful for the things we have. But what if we’ve just chosen the safe path? Don’t get me wrong: it’s ok that you got this far because life is challenging and you’re brave enough because you’re still here.

But take a moment today and ask yourself: is this what you really want from life? Is this truly the right path for you or one that was chosen by others on your behalf? If you’ve felt lately that you’re rather stuck in a comfort zone you created, try these 3 things:

1. Listen to your body

If you’re paying attention, your body will be able to guide you and point towards the right direction. Think of how you feel when you go to work every day. If you often feel a weight on your chest or something weird in your gut, stop. Take a deep breath and start reflecting on what’s actually going on. Sometimes, our bodies can help us more than our minds if we pay more attention to the signals we get.

2. Don’t always listen to your thoughts

Our own minds can trick us into believing whatever they want. If you worry about the financial aspect as you’re trying to follow your dream, take some time to observe those thoughts. Anxiety is real, but usually fear and overthinking will only hold us back from what we genuinely want.

3. Try one small thing at a time

Don’t make sudden big changes in your life all at once – this might confuse you even more. For instance, if you’ve been really passionate about painting lately, start with a painting class. Go with baby steps as long as you think they’re in the right direction. If it’s the best for you and for where you are now, don’t let anything stop you. You might be surprised by the results.

Never ever think that the safe way is the right way for you. Believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. And you will. Please share this!