5 Things That Happen When You Hide Your Feelings

Sometimes, when our emotions are overwhelming, we chose to ignore them. We hope that they will go away and we won’t have to deal with them. But they don’t go away. Instead, they work against us. Here are 5 things that will happen when you hide your feelings.


1. You put on a mask

Hoping that no one will notice, you put on the mask of a happy person and pretend that everything is just fine. But for those who really care about you, this is an obvious lie. Moreover, they feel hurt that you don’t trust them enough to tell them what bothers you and they suffer because they cannot help you.

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2. Your body suffers

Because you ignore the emotional burden, your body is the one taking the punches. The other reason is that you don’t take care of yourself. One common symptom is lack of sleep, which in turn causes lack of concentration.

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3. You throw yourself into your work

Because you don’t want to think about your emotions, you try to stay as busy as possible. But as you will soon discover, the only thing that this accomplishes is becoming exhausted.

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4. You stop socializing

Because you fear that your friends and family will notice your internal turmoil, you rarely see them and when you do, you keep quiet.

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5. You turn everything into a joke

Often, you use humor as a defense mechanism. You think that if you don’t take anything seriously, then you won’t have to take your emotions seriously either.

Don’t do this to yourself! Your emotions are a part of who you are! Please, share your feelings and this article!