Here Are 5 Things Highly Sensitive People Will Notice First

Highly sensitive people are very intuitive and emphatic. They are easily emotionally overwhelmed and prefer one on one time to large crowds. But most importantly, they notice subtle details that others don’t notice, and certain situations impact them more than they impact others. Here are some of the things that highly sensitive people just cannot ignore:


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1. A tense situation

Highly sensitive people will notice when there’s trouble in the air, even before something bad actually happens.

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2. Strange noises

These people are very aware of their surroundings and notice any change it may occur. High pitched noises or irregular sounds will catch their attention before anyone else’s.

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3. Weird smells

A perfume that is too strong, bodily odors or chemicals can be excruciating for highly sensitive people.

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4. Snarky remarks

They notice immediately when someone is being rude or sarcastic, even when it’s not directed at them.

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5. Everyone’s mood

When they enter a room, they know how everybody is feeling, even before somebody talks.

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