3 Amazing Things That Will Happen To You After Ending An Abusive Relationship

Being in a toxic relation transforms who you are into a perfect stranger to whom you feel no connection. And when you finally break free, you don’t know what to do with yourself. You’re like a lion who, after being in a zoo for a long time, has to learn again how to live in the wild. But you’ll be rewarded for the courage it took to liberate yourself. Here are some benefits you should expect to happen.


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This is how the healing process looks like:

1. You are in charge of your life

During an abusive relationship, all of your energy and time were probably spent guessing your partner’s mood and accommodating their every need. Now you can finally create your own routine, that reflects what YOU need and want. You allow yourself to think about the future and how you can make it better. All the time is yours to spend as you think fit.

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2. You notice manipulative tactics easily

As painful as your last relationship was, at least you’ve learn something extremely important: how an abusive relationship looks like. You know now what are the red flags you shouldn’t ignore and you can spot a manipulator miles away. This will make you more careful in choosing your future partners.

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3. You restore your relationship with your friends

Because you couldn’t really talk to your partner, you got used to taking it out on your friends. Which you knew wasn’t cool to do, but you felt you didn’t have any other choice. But now you can reestablish normal relationships with your close ones, and deal with your emotions in a constructive manner.

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After a while you will notice that you are coming back to the person you used to be before being in an abusive relationship. The air is fresher, the light is clearer and you are beginning to enjoy your life again. Enjoy your freedom! Please, share this and help someone make the right choice!