8 Amazing Photos Of What Happens When People Get Bored At Work

The power of boredom is fantastic. Although it has a bad rep, boredom can actually do us tons of good. Studies show that feeling bored can spark tremendous creativity. Maybe it’s because we tend to daydream more when there’s a lack of focus or concentration.

Whatever the reasons for feeling bored or procrastinating a project, there’s no doubt we need more of it. Daydreaming isn’t so bad, especially when we actually start turning into reality the things we dream of. Like these super bored people, who thought they should make the best of their time at work. This is what can happen when you let your mind and spirit wander (and wonder). Enjoy!

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1. Box of Pringles + bored engineer. And voilà!


2. This is what happens when people who work in bookstores get bored. And it’s fascinating!


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3. This is actually brilliant! I might try it next time I get bored at work!


4. Paul, whoever you are, thank you for the inspiration. This is so cool!


5. This looks quite scary actually, but good job (pun intended). Also, that must have taken a while!

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6. Yabadabadoooo! That is all.


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7. Meanwhile, this happens when someone gets bored at a high end hair salon. LOL!


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8. Copper wire spiders – never before seen. Again, brilliant!


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