Here’s What Blushing Actually Says About You

While seeing somebody blush can be endearing, being the one who blushes is certainly embarrassing. And doing that all the time goes beyond uncomfortable. But what if it’s actually a sign of virtue?


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People blush when:

  • Somebody pays them a compliment
  • When they tell a joke that might be considered inappropriate
  • If they are forced to confront somebody on a delicate subject
  • When they feel ashamed about telling a lie
  • When they have egg on their face for some reason or another

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The basic feeling underlying these situations is being exposed. Suddenly you are extremely aware of your presence in the room. And this kind of vulnerability is not for everybody.

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But the other thing that blushing indicates is a strong moral core. You fear that you might make the others uncomfortable. You are averse to lying or you don’t want to seem entitled. Blushing is an involuntary reaction that indicates an honesty that cannot be masked. You won’t see psychopaths blushing, since they don’t have a moral fiber to defend.

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Because you don’t like to impose on the others, kissing someone you’ve just met can be a situation where your face may betray you. But far from being something to be ashamed of, you uncover yourself as being a sensitive person, ready to comply to the other’s need for boundaries.

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It’s only our self-doubt that can put a dark spin on such an innocent manifestation of our sensibility. Being self-conscious can make us think that we should be ashamed of our own sensibility or moral sense. When in reality, there’s nothing more precious than that. Take pride in your red cheeks! Please share this!