Whatever You Do, Don’t Pick This Name For Your Baby

Nowadays, naming a child who’s gonna come into this world is tough work. Parents go above and beyond to find a unique name for their beloved baby. They browse the internet in the hope of finding the best and most remarkable name possible.

It is an ongoing strife to name your future child. First of all, this kid is going to be called for the rest of their life the way you decided.

Thus it’s paramount to choose a moniker that both satisfies your wishes and the worlds’ demands. Because you don’t want to get a laugh at the expense of your kid, right? So it’s better to avoid names like Dick, Gaylord, Pippa or Cheetah.

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According to a study from 2012 that examined how one’s name impacts people’s opinion about them, the more unusual the name, the more likely that person will be regarded as threatening or wicked.

Moreover, having a moniker that’s difficult to pronounce means people are having a hard time processing it, while an easier name would not raise any problems.

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That’s why it’s imperative you know what name you should not call your child.

Never name your baby CLINT. The Internet fully agrees.

Wonder why? This happens:

We turned to Reddit for proof that Clint is a terrible name for a child.


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Look what happens when you name your kid Clint. A lot of people on Reddit say they were dubbed with indecent nicknames throughout middle school and high school. Hence, even when their colleagues were really trying to pronounce their name correctly, terms like the ones above would pop out.

Warn your friends about this tricky name! Better, share this with the whole world and save some kids from a rocky future!