3 Major Things Smart People Never Do

It’s not simple to decide what makes a person smart, whether it’s their IQ or the number of diplomas hung on the wall. A really smart person doesn’t have to be also successful, but those who reached their full potential to get rich or to make a name for themselves have some things in common.

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It’s easier to pinpoint those stuff they avoid, so here are three major things smart people never do:

1. They don’t throw money around

Dealing with household problems in a smart way is an overall wise thing to do. Saving money to travel or to invest in something you’ve always wanted is really a clever thing that most smart people share. Water your garden with a hose rather than installing a sprinkler or change the bulbs in your house with energy-efficient light bulbs.

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2. They don’t depend on anyone

Except themselves. They are confident people that don’t rely on others and always try to make it on their own. It’s ok to stay close to your family and friends, but not to take advantage of their support too often. Only you can deal with the harsh realities of life.

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3. They don’t act reckless

It’s not that they don’t have fun or that they are boring. To act in a responsible way is equal to being organized. Having a harmonized lifestyle helps smart people lead more practical and efficient lives.

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