Why Smart People Are Happier When They Are Alone

Did you ever wanted to be alone for a while, with not a single soul around? Have you ever thought that maybe you’d not only survive being deserted on an island, but actually enjoy it? A new and surprising study suggests that very intelligent people are happiest in their own company. This makes it interesting because we know how much most of us crave being around our friends. So here’s why smart people are happier when they are alone.

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While most people seek to be with their friends, very few prefer solitude. The study conducted in Singapore and UK revealed that the people who live in more populated areas are less happy.

The research also suggests we need friends for a more satisfying life. Friendships can improve our lives significantly and offer us the psychological support we need. Feeling part of a community and having people to share things with is in fact vital for survival. This is not the case for highly intelligent people apparently.

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Why Clever People Prefer to Be Alone

The study doesn’t shed much light on this fact, but it suggests that intelligent people prefer their own company, even to socializing with their closest friends.  It looks like what was once deemed a healthy life doesn’t apply to very smart people. In that sense, they’re in a category of their own. One explanation could be that they are more goal-oriented so maybe other people would be distractions for them.

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The study’s findings are contradictory because it also claims that socializing with friends indicates high intelligence. As a consequence, seeking the company of your peers also means you’re clever. Obviously, more research needs to be done on this topic. Until then, enjoy yourself and embrace solitude!

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