Which Type of Intelligence Are You?

In school we all had math and linguistics as main subjects, right? What does this say about the educational system? It was great if you were awesome at either of these two or better, at both. But what about the other kids who couldn’t keep up in terms of language or algebra? Were they not as smart as the rest? Apparently, they were. They just had a different type of intelligence. So which type of intelligence are you? Read on to find out!

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Linguistic Intelligence

This is about finding the right words to express what you mean. These individuals have a great ability to understand spoken and written language (or multiple languages). They are also great speakers and writers.

Logical or Mathematical Intelligence

These people are all about reasoning and logic. They are great with identifying patterns and conducting research and scientific investigations. Moreover, they are analytical and understand complex ideas.

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Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence

These people can usually coordinate their mind with their body more easily. They make excellent professional athletes. This skill is all about using your body to show your feelings and ideas.

Spatial Intelligence

If you have this type of intelligence, then you’re great with understanding 3D images and shapes. They make excellent engineers and architects usually.

Musical Intelligence

People with musical abilities can hear music differently than others. They are generally better at discerning sounds, their tone and pitch as well as rhythm. They are skilled at playing a musical instrument or singing.

Naturalist Intelligence

These people have a natural tendency (pun intended) to read and understand nature better. They are great with recognizing and classifying plants and animals and are drawn to the natural environment.

Interpersonal Intelligence

These people are probably the most empathetic. They can understand other people’s feelings and emotions more easily than the rest and find it easier to relate to them.

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Intra-personal Intelligence

Intra-personal intelligent people have a deep understanding of themselves and their own feelings and thoughts. They are usually very in touch with their emotions.

Existential Intelligence

As the name suggests, these individuals tend to ask questions related to why we are here on this planet and why we die. So they are more philosophical in nature.

So there you have it! Please share this with your friends to let them know what type of intelligence they are!