9 Ways to Recover Your Voice Fast After You’ve Lost It

It happens to most of us. Whether we’ve caught a cold during the winter season or we talked too much as part of our job, our voice is not immune to everything. Losing one’s voice can be a rather scary and embarrassing experience for us because we strive to talk but when we open our mouths nothing comes out. So what can we do about it? Of course, there are solutions and we can’t wait to share them with you! Here are 9 ways to recover your voice fast after you’ve lost it!

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1. Rest

The most important step you can take when you’re literally out of words is to rest your vocal chords. It’s only natural that they get tired sometimes. Losing your voice can also be an alarm signal that you need to put your larynx to rest.

2. Drink many fluids

The next big step is about drinking as much water as possible, or liquids in general. You can opt for orange juice as long as it’s not too cold. Fluids will just work wonders for your voice box.

3. Steam inhalation

Steaming is great because it helps keep your throat moist and that’s exactly what you need. Your vocal chords will recover quickly if you hydrate your throat and take good care of it.

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4. Salt water gargles

It is recommended that you try water gargles around 4 times a day for a fast recovery. Add a bit of salt in a glass of warm water and then drink it. Your raspy voice will get back on track very soon.

5. Apple cider vinegar

Another excellent remedy for inflamed chords is apple cider vinegar. You can also gargle vinegar in a glass of warm water.

6. Lemon

Contrary to popular belief, lemon can actually soother your vocal chords. Really!

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7. Garlic

Garlic has great antibacterial properties!

8. Ginger

When everything fails, there’s also the ginger option. Ginger tea can work wonders for your damaged throat.

9. Honey

Finally, honey is yet another excellent remedy to soothe your voice!

Other tips for you: try adding humidifiers for your bedroom to keep your throat moist during the night and take several hot showers. Also, it’s best if you avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking.

There you have it! Did you ever lose your voice? Tell us what worked for you!