Lemon Water Is the Best! Here Are 11 Health Benefits You Should Know About

I first started drinking lemon water a few months ago and have not stopped ever since. It’s especially refreshing during the summer when you wake up in the morning and it’s so incredibly hot. Quick tip: doing this on an empty stomach has even greater benefits for your health. Why lemons? Well, they are packed with nutrients among which the awesome Vitamin C. Really, lemon water is the best! Here are 11 health benefits you should know about!

1. Cleanses your entire organism.

That’s right! It clears your system of toxins.

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2. Helps you with digestion.

Lemon water encourages healthy digestion but also takes care of your indigestion problems.

3. Can relieve toothaches and make your breath fresher.

Hurray! Who knew lemons are also great for your teeth?

4. Lemon water boosts your immune system.

Vitamin C is amazing for our immune systems. And we all know lemons have chunks of it! Experts recommend large doses of Vitamin C when we’re stressed.

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5. It’s great for your heart and brain.

Because lemons are a high source of Potassium, drinking water with lemon in the morning can work wonders for your nerve function and heart health.

6. Makes your skin look young and radiant.

Get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted by adopting this small habit.

7. Reduces inflammation.

Yes, indeed. Lemon water decreases the acidity in your body which is where diseases start.

8. Gives you an energy boost.

You got that right! Nothing’s more refreshing and energizing than a glass of lemon water in the morning!

9. It helps cure the common cold and fights viral infections.

If you feel you’ve caught a cold, try this home remedy.

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10. Helps you lose weight.

Lemon water can help you fight food cravings.

Wait, there’s more!

11. It’s great for your eyes and liver and pretty much every organ we can think of! Wow!

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