There Are 3 Types Of Intelligent People In The World. Which One Are You?

We usually think of intelligence as being a uniform trait, one that is confirmed by tests and good grades. We value smart people and we trust our own intelligence when dealing with all kinds of problems. But we also feel humiliated when our intelligence fails us.


There is a growing trend in psychology which confirms that intelligence is just a blanket term that covers at least 3 aspects of the mind.

1. Analytical intelligence

This is the computer side of our brain.

It’s the capacity of the mind to break problems into parts, to process information and to analyze it so that you can reach the best and the fastest solutions.

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2. Creative intelligence

This is when you use information, insights and skills that you already have to deal with new and unforeseen situations.

It’s when you invent something new or see relationships between concepts when others see only unrelated events.

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3. Practical intelligence

This is a way to adapt yourself in an efficient manner to your environment. It means you can change it and gain something from that transformation.

It’s the kind of intelligence that does not necessarily require a formal education and that can save your life when challenge by a threatening situation.

For better decisions and successful enterprises there must be an equilibrium between these 3 types of intelligence.

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It is also extremely important to know what type of intelligence is your strength and which is your weakness so that you can choose more wisely the type of job, environment and relationship. In other words, to know yourself so that you can find the right fit for you.

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