You Were Right All Along About These 3 Guilty Pleasures

There’s a saying that anything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening. Fortunately, there are some pleasures in life that most of us enjoy which are actually good for our health. They got some bad reputation in the past, but now there are studies that show otherwise.


1. Eat chocolate and your heart will thank you for it

There are many studies showing that eating moderate quantities of chocolate helps you reduce the risk of heart diseases. Dark chocolate is even better since it is full of minerals and therefore very nutritious.

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2. Kiss your partner as often as you can

Men who have the habit of kissing their partners live longer than those who don’t. The explanation for it might be that they have a more positive attitude and are less affected by stress. Also, having somebody waiting for us at home makes us take wiser decisions.

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3. Enjoy your morning coffee

Coffee is not only delicious and something that many of us cannot go without. It also helps increase our energy level, concentration and mental performance. But it also reduces the risk of depression, diabetes and liver damage. But as with chocolate, moderation is the key.

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