Here’s What A New Study Reveals About Your Month Of Birth

We know that people who are born during the summer tolerate heat better than those born during the winter and vice versa. But several studies suggest that the month of your birth may determine more than this kind of preferences. It’s a matter of health.


A team of scientists discovered that there is a correlation between the month of birth and the probability to develop particular diseases.

For example, men who are born in September are more susceptible to develop thyroid problems than those born in January.

Women born in July are considerably more likely to develop high blood pressure.

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The authors of this study emphasize the fact that their research establishes a correlation and not a cause and effect relation. It’s not because you are born in certain month that you will inevitably become sick in later years.

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Given the child development in the womb, there are some seasonal factors that come into play and influence the vulnerabilities of the adult. For example, exposure to pollen or the lack of vitamin D may influence our future health.

Knowing this is important since by recognizing our vulnerabilities we might adopt healthy habits that reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. It might be the right time for you to try:

  • Exercise regularly

  • Pay more attention to your diet

  • Stop smoking

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Hopefully this kind of research will increase our chances to live a long and healthy life.

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