Why You Should Urge Your Friends To Drink More Water

Or to have at least one glass of water. Don’t you have friends who go without water an entire day or even a few days in a row? I know I do. And they’re quite a lot. They would rather have some juice, beer, tea or wine. Whatever cocktail, lemonade or soft drink is way better than a boring glass of water.

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It seems like people don’t actually drink enough water, they enjoy sugary drinks, coffee or tea. Some of them simply forget to drink water during the day and that is really bad for their health. Here is why you should remind them to drink water.

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New studies show that most people drink just one glass of water a day while doctors’ recommendations consist of eight glasses of water per day. Others suggest to take your body weight (pounds), divide it in two and drink that many ounces. The conclusion reached by the research was that less than 1% of people drink the amount proposed by doctors.

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Dehydration can have damaging effects on human health. When severe, it can ruin the liver, kidneys, and muscles. If you drink little water, you may gain some weight because the lack of water in your organism makes you want to eat more. An easy way to monitor your hydration level is to check your urine. When not clear or dark, it’s a sign of dehydration.

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Women should drink about 1.6 liters of fluid each day and men should consume 2, according to The European Food Safety Authority. Listen to what your body needs and feed it water. Not only is water good for your overall health but it also puts you in a good mood.

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Here are the top benefits of drinking water:

– boosts energy and blows off fatigue
– clears out toxins
– aids in digestion
– helps with weight loss
– moisturizes skin
– relieves headaches
– prevents cramps and sprains

Remind your friends and family how important is for their health to drink water, share this right away!