5 Habits That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Every relationship goes through a honey moon phase, when everything is perfect and your partner is the most wonderful person in the world. But once this is over, the little annoying things the other does can ruin the relationship.


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Here the most common habits that can destroy an otherwise good relationship.

1. You often forget that you’re in a relationship

Not including your partner in your plans, forgetting to call for days, not introducing them to your friends can take a toll on the relationship. If you do all these things, if in your mind you are still single, maybe your unconscious is trying to tell you something. Maybe your heart is not into this relationship after all. If so, make the right choice and let your partner go!

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2. You never spend time apart

The opposite attitude is also dangerous. Having common interests, hobbies and values is an important key to a good relationship. But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. You are allowed to have other passions than your partner, to go to places they are not interested in and have social interactions separately from the couple. Don’t forget that the road to co-dependence is paved with good intentions.

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3. You let the romance fizzle

The more time people have been in a relationship, the less attention they pay to their partner. They forget what attracted them to their partner in the first place and neglect to show affection. Little signs of affection are the building blocks that make up a strong relationship.

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4. You keep things from your partner

Dishonesty, about the little things and about the important ones, can corrode your relationship. If your partner truly loves you, there’s nothing you can tell them that would make them want you less. Build your relationship on trust and most of your future problems will magically disappear.

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5. You prefer your phone to your partner

Unless there’s an emergency, put your phone down while in the presence of your partner! Nothing makes the other feel more neglected than being ignored in favor of a screen. Communicate with your partner and the rewards will be greater than anything virtual reality can give you.

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