5 Things Everybody Told You Were Nonsense, But Are Now Backed Up By Science

There’s a centuries old conflict between people who believe only things proven by science and those who rely on traditional wisdom to guide their lives. But recently, there are a lot of studies that try to prove some of these “irrational” beliefs to be true.


Here are some of the most conclusive ones:

1. Helping others is actually helping you

Even though it’s rational to understand happiness as more pleasure and less pain, there’s another way of understanding happiness. According to this perspective, being happy means human flourishing, having a larger purpose or finding a meaning to one’s life. Studies have proven that adopting this mind-set correlates with better health and general well-being.

2. There’s a point in sticking needles in your body

People who practice acupuncture believe it restores the flow of the circulating energy within the body. Studies have shown that this practice can help with all sorts of medical problems, from migraines to chronic back pain.

3. Tai Chi is about more than cool costumes and moves

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that is practiced for both defense and health benefits. It’s a kind of moving meditation that brings about peace and harmony. Recent studies show that this practice has significant benefits, especially for older adults who suffer from heart disease, arthritis and pulmonary diseases.

 4. Meditation calms the mind and heals the body

People who meditate swear to the mental and physical benefits of it. Numerous experiments show that calming the mind and reaching a higher level of awareness decrease the stress levels. It also improves the functioning of the immune system, it regulates hypertension and it improves fertility.

5. A good life is infused by love

Almost all spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of love in achieving meaning and happiness in one’s life. Harvard researchers, following 268 subjects during their life and have concluded that loving and lasting relationships were the most important things in all participants’ lives.

Apparently, science is only catching up with ancient systems of beliefs. What’s your strange belief that turned out to be true?