Why Strong People Face The Most Difficulties In Life And Always Will

We all have to face adversity at some points in our lives. What we do when trouble comes can say a lot about how strong or how weak we are.

But why does it seem that the strongest people go through so much? Does suffering discriminate? The truth is it doesn’t. Each of us has their dark periods when everything seems to be falling apart.

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But more problems seem to come to those who are strong enough to face them and learn from them. In that sense, your strength is directly proportional to the difficulties you encounter in your journey on this planet.

When a weak person has to confront an issue and they choose to either avoid it, repress it or simply not deal with it, they can’t grow. They back up at the first sign of adversity and so won’t have the chance to experience others. Moreover, they won’t learn from their mistakes.

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So real strength is for the chosen few.

Those who are grieving, who fall on their knees, but who have the courage to rise are the blessed ones.

They find comfort at the thought of another day because they are always prepared to fight. Fight to become better versions of themselves, fight to attain wisdom and fight to be able to see the light.

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These strong people are also the hopeful ones. They are full of compassion and empathy. They know what it is like to be overwhelmed with problems and they recognize the struggle in the other when they see it. So they are always ready to reach out and give them a hand or a piece of advice. They are the vulnerable ones who know that true strength stands in being able to show their emotions to others.

These very strong people don’t attract misfortunes. They just take whatever life throws at them and make the best of it. Please share this!