4 Ways Emotionally Strong People Handle Hard Times

Many people are struggling to keep up with the chaotic and often disturbing times we’re living in. Problems seem to pile up no matter what we do. There are more and more people struggling with anxiety, stress, depression or burnout.

Sometimes all we want to do is cover ourselves with a blanket while we’re in bed watching romantic comedies and eating ice cream. But that’s only one of the ways we can respond to responsibilities and the hectic lives we lead. At a closer look, we realize we need to act and we need to act compassionately and passionately. We all feel overwhelmed, but strong people don’t know how to give up.

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Here are 4 ways these people handle rough times:


The most rewarding thing emotionally strong people do is allow themselves to feel. You could say that all humans have that capability. We do, and yet some of us don’t choose to sit with our emotions. We either ignore or repress some of them, particularly those we think are negative. Don’t.

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And don’t judge yourself for feeling a certain way or for feeling too much. Close your eyes and focus on your emotions at the moment and the impact they have on your body. Listen and observe. You’ll see how peaceful you’ll feel afterwards.


Your feelings spring from your response to a situation. It’s often the stories we make up in our heads that poison us the most, and make us feel bad or anxious. Most of the times, it’s only a matter of perception that will usually dictate our mental, emotional, and physical state.

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But once you peel back the emotions and see them from a more objective angle, you will be able to detach yourself a bit from the situation. This means you have the power to turn things around based on the story you choose to tell yourself. So choose wisely.


Emotionally strong people don’t wait until they’ve bottled up too much heartache or resentment. They deal with whatever it is that they’re feeling as they go along. Emotionally strong people are not afraid to be vulnerable around other people. So they choose to reach out and maybe talk to their family or a friend. Whatever it is, they would rather express their feelings, maybe through writing, painting or any other artistic pursuit.

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Emotionally strong people take as much time as they need when it comes to healing. They know how important their emotional and mental health are so they value it accordingly. An impulsive action would be to try to block emotions such as anger, fear or hopelessness completely. Somehow, we’ve been almost wired to think that not dealing with them is better. It’s not.

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Blocking some of your emotions can lead to becoming emotionally stuck and that’s detrimental to all of your relationships. Emotionally strong people choose to release them in healthy ways and heal eventually, no matter how painful the process may be.

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