How To Cope If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

If you are tired of people telling you should develop a thicker skin, to learn to take a joke, that your reactions are too much, then you are probably a highly sensitive people. Here are 3 coping mechanisms to help you handle the micro-aggressions that you have to face every day.

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1. Be in control of yourself

OK, it’s not your responsibility to control yourself, since you are not the source of the problem. The fault lies with those who initiated the aggression. But still, controlling your emotions the best that you can, not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by negativity gives you a moral advantage of which you can be proud.

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2. Remember that it’s not about you

When you become the target of an emotional abuser, it’s hard not to take things personally. But remembering that their words and actions speak about their character and not yours and that you are not defined by their insults can stop you from falling down in a low-esteem hole.

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3. Stand up for yourself

Being a sensitive person, you probably shy away from confrontation. But your inner work (controlling your emotions, distancing yourself from the abuse) can only go so far. You have to stand up for yourself and confront your abuser, no matter how uncomfortable this may be for you.

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Tell them how their words make you feel and how they reveal their own character through them. Don’t yell, don’t insult, but make your objections clear. This will hopefully make them think twice before repeating the offense.

But maybe the most important thing that you can do is to stay true to yourself. Don’t let these toxic people convince you that you should hide your emotional richness. Please, share this!