10 Telling Signs You Are An Emotionally Intelligent Person

People with high EQ (emotional intelligence) are great masters when it comes to their thoughts and emotions.

Discover how strong your emotional awareness is with these 10 signs.

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1. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses

Emotionally intelligent people are acutely aware of their surroundings and other people’s energy as well as their inner universe. They know themselves in the tiniest detail.

2. You are at peace with your past

You don’t let the past get in the way, no matter how abrupt or dark it was. Also, you know how to let the light in and focus on the now.

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3. You are not worried about the future

You maintain a mostly positive attitude when it comes to your future. People with high EQ are usually calm and almost detached because they know that things always happen for a reason.

4. You are determined when it comes to achieving success

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Emotionally intelligent individuals work hard on the task at hand simply because they know how to be present. They are driven and don’t let impulses run their lives.

5. You are a very good listener

These people are known for their reputation as extraordinary listeners. This is the case because they have great empathy and are therefore able to feel other people’s energy or what troubles them.

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6. You are tuned in to the present moment

Living in the now is their golden rule. And that’s because they are well aware of the benefits of letting go of the past and the future.

7. You can always figure out why you’re upset or angry

Because they are usually in touch with their emotions, even the less intense ones, they can identify them and also the reasons behind these.

8. You’re eager to help people

You are always on the lookout for people who are in need of help, with a good word or a kind gesture. You want to know about their heartache, listen and help every way you can. This makes you a dedicated human being.

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9. You’re motivated from within

You are never impressed with outside gains or material possessions. Your strength comes from within and you focus on what makes you tick, even if it’s outside society’s norms.

10. You can really read other people

You are curious about people, what moves them, what drives them and you are able to read them like a book. Moreover, you know how to interpret their gestures, tone, face expressions as well as body language.

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