10 Things That Turn Him Off No Matter How Gorgeous You Are

Looks are not everything. And believe it or not, men think the same way too. Yes, it’s great to be good looking and attractive but true beauty lies within. It sounds cliche but more often than not truths do. There are some things that turn men off even if you’re drop-dead gorgeous.

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If you want to win his heart, make sure you avoid doing these 10 things. They are not at all complicated, but maybe that’s why most women overlook them and end up with their heart broken or feeling insecure. Men only seem light-headed, they can actually see things you believe go unnoticed.

Here are 10 things that turn him off:

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1. Don’t put an emphasis on the negative all the time. Try less complaining and more appreciation for the positive things in your life.
2. Don’t freak out when he mentions ‘guys night’.

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3. Don’t turn into the green-eyed monster whenever there’s a girl around.
4. Don’t take him for granted while gazing at other guys.
5. Don’t pretend to like his friends just to badmouth them in private.

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6. Don’t try to control everything in your relationship.
7. Don’t use a passive-aggressive behavior when things don’t turn the way you wanted.
8. Don’t try to hide your feelings whenever something is wrong and pretend you’re fine.

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9. Don’t belittle him in front of his family or friends.
10. Don’t make fun of the things he’s passionate about.

Tell your girlfriends to stop doing these 10 things if they want to keep him! Please share!