5 Things Men Don’t Dare To Tell Women But Should

To feel secure, most men will cling to their aura of masculinity like it’s the only thing they have. They prefer to keep this macho mask because they like to appear confident. This is why they would never ever confess some things that will jeopardize their ego.


Insecurity is not something they want to deal with. It’s easier to just keep some things to themselves, but these are not much of a secret anymore. Here are the 5 things a guy would never dare to confess:

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1. I don’t know how to do it

Women have been relying on men when it comes to fixing things around the house. It’s no wonder there is some pressure on them in that direction. Even if they may have absolutely no idea what they’re doing, they’ll go ahead and do it anyway.

Otherwise, we might think of them as less “virile”. In reality, women know they can always count on themselves to open a can, for example. And as a woman once said jokingly: “There’s nothing a man can’t do that I can’t fix”.

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2. I can’t afford it

They could never admit to this because men have been the breadwinner of the house for a long time. They feel the need to pay the bill at the restaurant, for example. This often makes them feel like they’re the ones in power or in control and they don’t want to lose these things. Luckily, times have changed.

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3. I’m jealous

They prefer to hide this because if they admitted to it, they would be also admitting to feeling insecure. So instead they sometimes beat around the bush and choose not to ask direct questions. But it’s good to know that men can be  just as jealous as women.  It’s an emotion that knows no gender boundaries.

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4. I’m scared

Being a real man has long been equated with being brave and bold. Admitting to being scared, which is a perfectly natural feeling, could end the charade. They may feel like admitting this would make them cowards or not good enough, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re all afraid of something and saying it out loud just makes us human.

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6. I’m a master at hiding my feelings

If a guy tells you this, it means he’s a rare breed and you should keep him. But most likely, they won’t because guys are almost hardwired to conceal their emotions. And often, no matter how much they love someone, they will still keep some things bottled up as a defense mechanism.

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