7 Things You Need To Know About Loving An Overthinker

The complex mind of an overthinker can throw one off the trail pretty fast. It’s not easy to be by their side but they are easy to love. For they have a big heart and a lot of affection to give. Some may say overthinking is not a legitimate problem. Only it is. Huge battles are taken place inside their mind, wondering if they made the right decision at every step they take.

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Their brain is restless and constantly thinking, their mind jumps from one thought to another. As much as they want to escape from this rumination, they can’t. Their overly active mind brings up anxiety, a lot of indecision and most often, a sense of self-doubt.

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Here is what you need to know if you love an overthinker:

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1. Don’t tell them to stop overthinking. It’s like telling someone who’s having a panic attack to calm down. It’s not a good route to take, it would only lead to more overthinking.

2. Whatever you do, you must suit the action to the word. Be honest and straightforward, they need to feel sure of who you are.

3. You needn’t overthink your relationship. Instead, try to be the one who entails confidence into it. Make them feel safe and secure, whatever you do.

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4. Always show them the silver lining, overthinking is pessimism under disguise.

5. There’s no need to rush them into making decisions, especially about the ongoing relationship. Give them all the space they need, any kind of pressure will only scare them off.

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6. Prompt them to do their overthinking out loud, it’s very helpful for them and it will surely bring you closer together.

7. Their mind is regularly playing games with them. Don’t do the same.

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