7 Things That Are Making Your Life More Difficult Than It Should Be

Sometimes, we are the ones who are making life difficult for ourselves. As if life wasn’t hard enough, we keep thinking and doing things that have no sense whatsoever. Here are some of them:


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1. Believing that a love relationship is meant to be or not, as if we were helpless witnesses and not direct participants.

In fact, a long lasting relationship is something that you create by your actions every day.

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2. Giving in to the popular belief that if you are in your 30’s and still not married, there’s something wrong with you.

Don’t forget that similar beliefs about how exactly your life is supposed to look like are just society’s preconceptions. And you shouldn’t worry that your life doesn’t follow a specific timeline.

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3. Being bull-headed about finding someone who has very specific traits, as if somewhere there were a factory ready to produce your perfect lover.

In fact, you are more likely to find happiness with someone with whom you share laughter, trust and honesty.

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4. Worrying that your love life does not look like all the romantic comedies that you’ve watched, like your parents’ love life or that of your friends.

But remember that your love life is yours to create in your own image.

5. Investing time and energy into a relationship that clearly doesn’t have any future.

But don’t get me wrong, you are entitled to just have fun and some relationship are made for that. Just don’t lie to yourself by trying to convince yourself that your infatuation is more than that.

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6. Settling for someone who is wrong for you, just because you don’t feel young enough to continue the search.

In fact, this is a mistake you’ll regret later, when you’ll be even older and wished you could’ve had the courage to move on. Being single is less scary than feeling alone while in a relationship.

7. Thinking that being in a relationship means canceling your individuality.

It’s one thing to learn from the other, to compromise in order to accommodate everybody’s needs and it’s a whole other thing to erase yourself completely from the relationship. You know the saying: Be yourself! Everybody else is already taken.

Don’t forget that your life is for you to enjoy! Please, share this!