6 Signs You Found True Love

True love has its own logic. It may have a strange way of unfolding, but its signs are clear. Here are the most important six clues that your love is one for the books.

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1. Gratefulness

To be truly in love with someone means to be grateful that the other is in your life and to find the courage to tell him that.

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2. Acceptance

When true love is involved, you accept everything that the other has to offer. The good and the bad. And actually, you see their imperfections as lovely quirks.

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3. Little things

Laughter, hugs, holding hands, extra-long naps are the kind of little things that you can extract joy from when you are in a genuine relationship. This kind of things matter because they reflect care.

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4. Honesty

Honesty is the pathway to trust. There’s nothing you cannot tell the other, since you feel that nothing you could confess will make them love you less.

5. Forgiveness

No relationship is without conflict. But the partners who are meant to be together know when and how to say sorry. And also, they master the art of forgiveness.

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6. Personal growth

When you truly love someone you feel that everything is possible. You get the courage to overcome your fears and become a better person.

If you have found true love, nourish it. Acknowledge the blessing that it is and make it last. Please, share this!