Is It Love Or Obsession? This Is How You Can Tell The Difference

The quest for true love is an adventure. But once we found somebody to love, things shouldn’t be that difficult. Loving somebody shouldn’t be feel like hard work. What is in fact difficult is to know the difference between true love and an unhealthy obsession.


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Well, usually love is effortless. Everything unfolds with ease, the conversations are smooth and you don’t feel stressed out.

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You don’t feel you have to struggle in order to communicate or to make it work. Things just come out naturally. Simply put, you don’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells every time you’re with your partner.

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When you have a fixation with someone, you always feel like you need something for them, you need them for validation or attention. Or to fill that void.

But when it’s an unhealthy obsession, you might hear a lot of: You are too sensitive. You think too much. You’re not exciting enough. The difficult truth is that if your partner says these things to you, he or she is trying to manipulate you. To make you dependent on their approval. To tie your self-image to their perception of you. And because you trust and feel connected to that person, you begin to forget who you are and begin to see yourself as this fragile, powerless being who can only be tolerate with great effort.

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So it’s no wonder it feels like you’re suffocating. You feel drained and hopeless. Like being in a golden cage.

If you experience some or all of these symptoms, your relationship needs serious reconsideration. Be brave enough to tell the difference between love and obsession! Please, share this!