They Are Not Your True Love If They Do These 10 Things

What do people mean when they talk about true love? Having a partner on whom you can count, that has your back no matter what, that showers you with affection. A partner to whom you can show your deepest self and confess your dreams and hopes, no matter how silly.

But maybe you feel that something is off in your relationship, without being able to say what exactly is wrong. Here are 10 signs that, in spite of what might hope, you haven’t found your soul mate yet.

1. They can’t read you

No one is able to read minds for real, but those instants when they do or say exactly what you were thinking in that precise moment, those are signs of authentic love and a strong relationship. That’s proof of a connection that will last for sure.

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2. There’s no chemistry

We can’t deny the need for psychical chemistry. If there is none, the relationship is doomed to end sooner or later. We know that those reactions in the brain last for the first two or three years of the relationship, so zero chemistry means a future lifeless relationship.

3. Zero compliments

If they never compliment you, there’s clearly something wrong. We all need to hear, at least from time to time, how great we look in that new dress or how tasty our meal is. Compliments are reminders that we are significant people in their lives.

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4. They neglect you

Do they text you to check up how your day is going? Or do they run to the pharmacy when you fall ill? This would testify that you are the most important person in their lives and their single priority.

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5. They are judgmental

Receiving criticism from your loved one on a regular basis slowly damages the relationship until there will remain only anger and frustration. A stable and loving relationship is built on understanding, hearing, seeing and accepting someone for who they are.

6. You overthink things

Soulmates don’t spend a lot of time writing and then deleting text messages, they just hit send and if their message is not clearly understood, they explain themselves in person. When you think a lot about what to write them, that’s a clear sign you can’t be your genuine self.

7. They don’t put in the work

It’s no secret, relationships are a lot of work. If they don’t make the effort to spend time with your family and friends, if they miss a lot of important events in your life or they do come but they clearly don’t enjoy themselves, they are most definitely not your soulmate. True companions wish to spend quality time with you and get involved in your life.

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8. The future is unclear

Having no interest for the future of the relationship is a big red flag. It makes no sense to be in a committed relationship if there is no long-term future for you together. Not necessarily marriage or children, but at least having the same goals in life is decisive for a relationship to work.

9. You make excuses for them

When you have to explain their actions, why they treated you like they do or why they haven’t come to your mom’s birthday party, that’s not really a good scenario for a healthy relationship. You shouldn’t feel obliged to always justify their behavior.

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10. They don’t seem happy to see you

No matter how hard your day was, they should be able to put a smile on your face. They must enjoy your company at all times, they should always be happy when they see you and bring you joy even when things are difficult.

If they are not the one for you, don’t waste any more time and energy! It’s better to be alone than feeling lonely in a relationship. Please, share this!