From Governor To Sleeping On the Street

A photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger sleeping on the street under his own bronze statue has taken the internet by storm. The famous actor shared the picture on Instagram, writing: “How times have changed”.

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And they have indeed. Former California Governor was assured that he will always have a place to sleep when visiting Colombus, Ohio. But since he’s not a governor anymore, it seems like his name has been forgotten.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger inaugurated the hotel with the statue in front of it when he was the governor of California. He was then promised that a room will always be available for him. But when he arrived at this hotel, the management told him that all rooms are reserved and they will not be able to accommodate him.

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Though he could have easily gone to any other hotel, he chose to sleep under his statue and convey an important message. People’s respect for you changes with time. When you are in a powerful position, you’re praised and you demand respect. But as soon as you lose your position, apparently you also lose the respect of others.

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Watch the whole story below:

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