The 4 Compliments Every Woman Really Wants To Hear From A Guy

What women want is not only a movie, but probably also the most asked question in the universe. That’s because the female mindset is incredibly complex. Some of you guys out there might have tons of information about this, but it’s what you do with it that’s important.

Because at times, a harmless compliment that’s well-intended can really offend her and you have no idea why. In the context of dating, compliments are the life and soul of a nice beginning. They can make or break the way you relate to one another. They can turn her on or make her not want to see you ever again.

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And if at times, it feels like you just can’t go right, we have great news for you: you can. It’s possible to say something that will immediately cause a positive reaction. The first thing you must know before you start paying compliments to a girl is that woman generally appreciate more compliments on their personality than on their looks. And it’s pretty obvious why.

Here are the 4 compliments women are dying to hear. You better start taking notes.

1. “Can I get your opinion on this? It would mean a lot to me because you always have a great perspective on things.”

Intelligent conversations will turn her on more than almost anything else. Complement this with showing her you appreciate her intellect as well as her opinions will drive her insane. In the best way possible.

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2. “I feel very comfortable with you, like I can finally be myself.”

This shows you can be vulnerable around her and women value vulnerability in men like it’s the Holy Grail. But remember that in order for this to have any effect on her, you have to be genuine. That’s the only trick. She will feel from afar if you’re just trying to get her into bed.

3. “The way you [do or say something] is so adorable.”

This will instantly tell her you are paying attention to the little things, the quirks that make her a beautiful human being. And for that, she will be eternally indebted to you. But again, mean it. Otherwise, it’s not worth uttering the words.

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4. “Every guy in this room has been staring at you.”

There’s no secret that women want to be wanted. Saying this to a woman will make her feel desired and more confident.

You can’t go wrong with these! Please share!