Studies Reveal The Only Thing That’s Worse Than Being Unemployed

If you think that not having a job is the worst thing that can happen to you, you are wrong. Being unemployed is, of course, a very difficult situation to find yourself in. But there’s something much worse.


Not everybody is lucky enough to have a job that they love and make them feel good about how they are spending 1/3 of the day. When you find yourself in a low paid job or doing something that you don’t really enjoy doing you probably say: well, at least I HAVE a job.

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Researchers from the University of Manchester have concluded, after monitoring more than 1000 adults, that having an unsatisfying job is actually worse for your health than not having a job at all. It all comes down to the level of stress that people reach in different situations.

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The study showed that finding a good job after a period of unemployment has a great influence on one’s mental health. Which is not at all surprising. The ability to earn a living is an essential part of a balanced state of mind. But the surprising finding was that those who found a job that was unstable, not enough paid or stressful were even worse off than before, when they didn’t have a job at all. This conclusion was reached by measuring job quality, security and levels of anxiety.

Our overall health is greatly influenced by the levels of stress we are putting our bodies through. And the quality of our job is partially responsible for the degree of stress.

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So no, you cannot say: well, I’m stressed out of mind, but at least I HAVE a job. This assumption is wrong. What good will it do to have a job that makes you ill?

And no, we’re not advising you to quit your job immediately. And we won’t be held responsible if you do and start writing us angry letters tomorrow. But we do advice to take this factor into consideration if you are not feeling quite well. To talk to your doctor and your employer if things seem to get out of control.

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