4 Phrases Guaranteed To Scare Guys Away

Are they so obtrusive you just can’t put up with them anymore? Have you tried to turn them down softly but still no success? Sometimes guys just simply don’t know when to back down. This is why you should know some phrases guaranteed to make guys walk away from you so fast it’s crazy.

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Take a look at 5 simple lines that scare guys away:

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1. We are not meant to be together, it’s written in the stars!

If you talk about not receiving signs from the universe about you two being together, by all means, a guy will be chilled to the bone and ready to move as far away from you as possible.

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2. You remind me of my father!

This is the ultimate turn off for every guy on this planet. No one wants to hear that they look like your father. It’s like telling them to their face you couldn’t care less for them and you wouldn’t date them in a million years.

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3. I can imagine how our kids will look like!

Yet another completely innocent sentence that scares guys off. Well, let’s face it, you would be put off by this too. Even if you’re their dream girl, they will decide to take some steps back away from you if you say this. It seems really desperate to make this kind of family plans and guys hate that.

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4. My mum is coming too!

Bringing your mum on a date? Wow, that’s cruel. He will definitely not call you again if you tell him your mum is going to join you.

Now you know how you can immediately scare guys aways! Share this with your girlfriends!