3 Things You Should Never Advise Your Children

Parents want to prepare their children for the harsh realities of life and to make sure that they will be successful. But some pieces of advice they give them might turn out to be counterproductive. Here are 3 of them.


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1. Focus on your future!

If you stress the importance of future achievements, your children will be anxious and fearful. This stress will decrease their cognitive abilities and therefore they will be less likely to succeed. If instead you let them enjoy the present moment, they will be happier and therefore they will learn faster and more creatively.

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2. Keep pushing yourself!

There’s nothing wrong with inspiring your children to be better and to aim as high as they can. But if you force them to always push themselves, to never relax and enjoy their childhood, they might rebel and resent you. Moreover, their homework and projects will become a burden and they will lose their enthusiasm.

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3. Don’t be lazy!

Your children are not lazy. They have over-packed schedules, extra-curriculum activities and almost no time for themselves. So during the few occasions when they don’t have anything to do, let them be! You don’t have to schedule every second of their day. Let them plan their own free time, to play and have fun on their own!

Don’t forget that with every word you utter, you create your child’ destiny. Please, share this!