Moms And Dads Took These Photos As Their Kids Went Back To School And It’s Hilarious

School is just about to start and people have mixed feelings about it. While parents are overly excited and proud of their treasures, their kids feel sometimes sad, sometimes scared. But this is only natural. We can all remember those butterflies we felt in our guts when we had to go back to school. And our memories are rather bittersweet. Maybe some of us would trade their day job for one more day at school in a blink of an eye.

Here is a list of parents and kids reactions at yet another school season beginning. Enjoy!

1. First day of school


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2. It looks like someone isn’t that excited for school this season. And it’s not dad.

HNM Photography

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3. Yay! Not a very bright day for the kids though.

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4. Look at those happy parents. School never looked so good!


5. Hurray! School days are back!

NJ Staff

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6. Someone’s a bit too excited. But the kids just don’t care.


7. We should all celebrate the first day of school like this mom here. It wouldn’t hurt if her kids were the first to follow her example.


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8. Parents are from mars, kids from Venus…


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