3 Reasons Why Intelligent People Lack Social Skills

For some people, small talk is a nightmare. Meeting new people at a party can make them sweat through their shirts. If you are one of these people, don’t worry, it might mean you’re smarter than average.


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Intelligence and good social skills don’t always go together. Here are the most common reasons why smart people tend to shy away from social interactions.

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1. They chew over every little word

People who are smarter than average tend to live inside their heads. They are preoccupied with finding the right words and the perfect answer. That’s why spontaneous conversations can make them uncomfortable. They are not used to utter predefined answers and they really think about the issue at hand. They might seem disengaged from the conversation, but in reality they are busy analyzing the problem from every angle.

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2. They are their worst critic

Highly intelligent people don’t over-analyze only the world around them, but also their own behavior. They are extremely aware of every move they make, every word they say. The perfection they seek regarding their own behavior can paralyze them. That’s why it’s not easy for them to relax and just go with the flow of the conversation.

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3. They are often ridden with anxiety

Even though we don’t know why this happens, it’s well known that highly intelligent people are more prone to anxiety. Because they foresee every possible consequence of their actions, every negative event that might arise, they become suspicious of the situations that are beyond their comfort zone. And large gatherings of people are the kind of situations that can make them panic and withdraw in their inner world.

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