Tips And Tricks To Overcome Procrastination

For many of us, procrastination is a daily struggle. According to certain studies and therapeutic experience, we procrastinate in order to avoid the negative emotions that we associate with a certain task.



We know that we have a problem with procrastination when deadlines are a source of panic, when bills are never paid on time, when we start projects but never finish them.

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For most people, procrastination is a symptom for other underlying issues. It might be a genetic problem, like untreated attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD). But it can be simpler than that. It can be just about an incapacity to deal with our emotions.

Putting off things might give us a temporary relief from anxiety, but since the task at hand is still there in the morning, chances are that we will feel even more stressed and discouraged.

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In order to tackle this problem that can drive everybody around us crazy, including ourselves, therapists have come up with some simple tricks:

  • Make a plan and stick to it.
  • Set your priorities straight.
  • Start with the hardest task at hand.
  • Take little breaks to reset your brain.
  • Slow down when anxiety is at its peak (breathing, walking).
  • Practice confrontation on difficult subjects.

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The more we are in touch with our feelings and learn how to deal with them effectively, the less we will procrastinate and therefore feel bad about ourselves.

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