Love, Like Or Lust? Find Out The Difference!

It can be really hard to pinpoint the exact distinction between the 3 L’s: love, lust, like. They’re all powerful words and we feel butterflies in our stomach just by uttering them.

But there are probably as many definitions of love as there are people in this world. So, where to start?

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It’s clear that we don’t need to define love and we definitely don’t need a study to tell us we’re in love with someone or not. We just feel it, we don’t even know it, we feel it. It’s there, invading our every thought. And making a mess of our emotions, in the good way.

However, love, lust and like are not interchangeable terms, even though some may use them so. Here are the key differences:

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Like is on the mild end of the emotional spectrum. Liking someone is nice and it may give you a feeling of contentment. You might like them for their taste in music or for their sense of fashion. But if they left your life,  you wouldn’t be devastated.


Lust often disguises itself as love. But remember that lust is temporary, is superficial (often driven by a person’s looks), and it’s easily forgotten. It’s also usually focused on sex.

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Obviously, we find love at the most intense end of the emotional spectrum. The truth is that once we fall in love with someone, our lives will never be the same.

Love could also be about the balance of all three, alongside lust and like.

Now you can tell the difference so next time take a closer look! Please share!