One Story Every Mom Knows Too Well

There’s no doubt our moms are treasures in our life. No matter where they are physically, we know they are always there for us. We know that they are the people who know us the best because they’ve been in our lives since our first day on this planet.

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It’s true that our relationship with our mothers change over time and that’s because we also change a lot. We can’t perceive our mom at 7 years old the way we perceive her when we’re adults. The perspective shifts completely, but at the same time it almost stays the same. Because our love for her knows no boundaries.

Even when we’re teenagers and we feel she just wants to control our lives, we still look up to her and care for her. We need her attention and compassion at all ages. But when we reach adulthood, something magical happens.

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Of course, our dads love us just as much, but nothing compares to the connection we have with our moms. It’s one of a kind and sometimes it takes years to appreciate its depth.

We would be nothing without our mothers!

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