Why You Should Never Apologize For Being Emotional

Emotions tend to have a bad reputation in our society. While intelligence is celebrated, tested and awarded, emotions are less so. But lately psychologists talk more and more about emotional intelligence. What is it and how can it help us?


Emotional intelligence is the ability to be in touch with your own emotions and those of others.

Moreover, it’s the capacity to understand and express your emotions.  It’s having a sense of how and why you have certain feelings and most importantly how to deal with them.

An emotionally intelligent person can perceive the emotions of those around them and be sensitive to them.

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And they have the ability to understand how certain feelings can motivate and cause others to behave.

The one obvious area in which such skills are important is our intimate relationships.

The ability to read, understand and tolerate the emotional side of your loved ones is a key element to creating stronger and more reliable connections.

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But the less obvious aspect is that being emotionally intelligent can also help you with your career.

No matter the domain of your activity, being able to regulate your emotions and read the emotions of others can benefit your work environment.

Firstly, you tend to be more understandable with the mistakes of your colleagues, which in return can motivate them to try harder next time.

And secondly, because you are emotionally aware, chances are that you will be more satisfied with your job and therefore more inclined to cooperate.

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As a leader, understanding the emotions that drive your employers gives you an advantage to understand social interactions. Therefore, you can solve the complex social problems that happen in the office much easier.

Also, during negotiations with competitors, reading the nonverbal signals may change the outcome drastically.

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