Did You Know Dancing Can Help You Keep Your Brain Young?

Growing old can really take a toll on our mental and physical health. But not everything is lost. A new study in this field has reached some hopeful conclusions.



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The study shows that physical exercise has a profound effect on older people’s brain. The experiment consisted in examining people around 68 years’ old who took courses in dancing, endurance and flexibility training. The hippocampus part of their brain, the area that plays an important role in memory, learning and balance, has shown significant changes.

The positive impact of physical exercise on the brain is well known. The surprising part of this study is that some exercise work better than others. And dancing is one of the most effective.

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The seniors have learnt different types of dancing, which meant that they had to constantly learn and quickly adapt to new moves. They also had to rapidly remember what the instructor had taught them.

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The conclusion is that an active physical life can prevent age-related decline of the brain. From my point of view, the really good news is that we don’t have to hit the gym every day to keep in shape. We can challenge our body and our mind just by dancing, which is a joy in itself. Please share this!