Here’s How You Know A Friendship Is For Life

True friendship is built in time. The little things that friends do for each other on a regular basis can be easily overlooked. Here is why we made a list of habits and gestures that show when a friendship is for life.


1.They know when you need to be alone

As much as you like spending time together, as much as you cherish it, you and your best friend know the importance of spending time alone.  A true friend knows when to give some well-deserved you time.

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2. You don’t have to ask for help

Your friend knows you so well that you don’t need to ask for help to receive it. They surprise you with a beautiful gesture anytime they can. They lend you money, they check up on you when you feel blue or convince you make that doctor appointment after all.

3.Your relationship is competitiveness free

No matter how competitive you are in other aspects of your life, you wouldn’t dream of competing with your best friend, no matter the prize. Since there’s no prize valuable enough for you to endanger your relationship.

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4. They always have your back

There’s no conflict in which your friend won’t take your side or have your back. It’s understood that they won’t accept listening to any bad mouthing directed at you.

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5. The differences between you are not an issue

After a long friendship, you’ve come to realize that you don’t agree on every issue and that there are some differences in the manner in which you handle things. But these differences give you an opportunity to see things from another perspective. And you always respect your friend’s choices, even if you don’t agree with them.

6. They are not jealous of your other friends

Whenever one of you makes a new friend, the other one is happy and encouraging. They don’t perceive it as a threat, but as an opportunity to discover new people and new worlds.

Your best friend will encourage, support and help you no matter what. They are the only person who can challenge your decisions, but once made, they will not make you feel guilty about them. You can be yourself in their presence, knowing that nothing can wrong when you are together. Please, share this with your best friend!