4 Types Of People You Should Keep At A Healthy Distance

The people in our lives play a substantial role in our well-being. Having a strong support network can make all the difference in the world when we are going through tough times. But sometimes, we discover that some of the people around us have a negative impact on our lives. Here are 4 types of people whose presence increase rather than decrease stress.


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1. People who care more about being right rather than just being there for you

Yes, sometimes we cannot stop ourselves from saying to a friend: “I told you so!”. But if you have somebody in your life that always says that to you, you should ask yourself whether they are really supportive or just trying to show off. You need help, not constant displays of cleverness.

2. People whose problems are always more important than yours

They might be just a bit self-centered or plain narcissists. But if this pattern of always being the center of attention repeats itself too often, then you have to rethink the relationship. A true friendship implies a constant give and take, not putting yourself second so that you accommodate their needs.

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3. People who cannot keep a secret

If you cannot trust somebody with a secret or just an embarrassing moment in your life for fear they will broadcast it all over, then your relationship is on shaky ground. Of course, we all have difficulties in not retelling a good story even when it’s not ours to tell. But there’s an important distinction between slipping and making this a habit.

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4. People who always ask you to pick a side

You know the kind of person that when he has a conflict with somebody, they ask you to take their side unconditionally. They are not interested in hearing any arguments or to look at things from another perspective. They just want to hear you say that they are right and the enemy is wrong. Don’t fall for that, since is not your conflict to begin with.

We aren’t suggesting to kick these people completely out of your life. But a break from them from time to time will make you less stressed. And if they don’t change their behavior even if you made your complaints clear, then the distance you take from them might need to get bigger. Please share this!