How Fighting The Right Way Can Save Your Relationship

One of the most frequent reason couples break up is that they fight too much. But can a relationship be in danger from not enough fighting?


Psychologists who studied relationships consider one can predict the success of a relationship by the quantity and quality of negative interactions the partners have.

In other words, people engaged in stable and happy relationships compensate for each conflict with 5 positive actions.

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In spite of what we may think, having no negativity in our romantic relationship is not something to be proud of. Conflict is inevitable in long relationships. That’s why it is essential to know how to handle it.

Giving negative feedback to our partner’s behavior is a way to ensure that we are both on the same page.

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It can fix a defective balance of power and show that we care enough about the other by correcting his or her wrongful behavior.

As long as the criticism is done for the right reasons and in a way that does not belittle the other, it should not be regarded as something to be avoided at any cost.

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The key is to compensate for it by expressing gratitude and appreciation for the other.

This way we can influence each other for the better and we make sure that we are in an enriching and vivid relationship. Please share this!