3 Key Hacks That Will Change How You Travel Forever

Preparing for a trip has never been easier. We work out the details for our travel, we read all the tips and tricks about packing, we double check our boarding pass. Except sometimes we miss the key factors to a wonderful holiday, those cheap hacks that will change the way you travel forever.

Here are 3 very simple life hacks that are going to optimize your travel experience:

1. Awesome playlist

Music can be your best travelling companion. It’s there by your side to take you, literally, everywhere you want to go. And it’s strongly connected to memories. So every time you will hear a song back home, you will automatically be brought to that place you visited.

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It’s imperative you create a spectacular soundtrack for your adventure. You can add new songs as well as more classic songs of your own choice. Try some oldies but goldies hits, like Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to run“, Willie Nelson’s “On the road again” or “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman.

You can also select melodies you’ve been listening on repeat for a while, they will certainly complete your journey playlist. The memories from your awesome holiday will pop up fresh in your mind each time a song from your awesome voyage is played.

2. Reasonable spending

The problem with luxury hotels and extravagant resorts is that you are constricted to that area. You don’t move around and you miss the chance to actually discover the culture and the locals, the genuine atmosphere of the place you’re visiting.

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That is why travelling on a budget is a far better choice than spending money on four star accommodation.You isolate yourself from the community and it’s not a good move.

You must be open and curious, exploring the lands and meeting the people. If you sit tightly by the pool all day drinking a fancy cocktail, you will never have the full experience of traveling.

3. Respect for the foreign culture

No matter where you travel, do not forget that you are a guest in a country. You can easily get absorbed in the enthusiasm of fresh surroundings, but keep in mind to respect the lifestyle of the people living there.

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It’s important to be familiar with their culture and traditions and behave in a proper way when you are visiting.

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