You Can Blame Your Parents For These Two Genetic Traits

As you may know, genes play an important role in determining your height and weight. According to a research from the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, fathers determine the height of a child while mothers are responsible for the body shape of the baby.

One thing is clear, dads decide what your height is going to be. As for the weight, we have to blame the mothers. The researchers concluded that the mother’s load is decisive on the birth weight of the baby.

So it’s safe to say that one of the biggest influences on a baby’s growth is the size of the mother. Moreover, according to a recent research, the mother’s genetics determine how smart you are. This is because women have two X chromosomes, which carry intelligence genes, while men only have one. Also, the bond created between mothers and children is essential for the growth of some areas of the brain.

By all means, that does not mean that fathers cannot play the nurture role. There’s a bunch of other genetic traits for you to inherit from your father. Intuition would be the first one.

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