The Best Is Yet To Come. Be Patient

When we’re going through a dark period in our lives, our brain somehow tricks us into thinking that this is how our lives will be from now on. We tend to think that we will never overcome it or that we’ll never be the same.

But here’s something I would like you to hear today: it will pass. What I’ve learned through a series of ups and downs is that everything is temporary.

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No matter how difficult it is for you right now to believe this, it’s true. But don’t expect change to come overnight. There will be days when you think you left what’s troubling you behind, but then it comes back and hits you again.

Worry not, because everything, including your grief, is transient.

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These times you call dark are only there to help you grow and turn you into a wiser and stronger human being. It is grief that transforms you and helps you become more aware of your emotions and other people’s sorrow. You may have felt very unfortunate lately, people have let you down. And you just can’t seem to see that big bright light at the end of your tunnel.

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I can assure you it’s there. When you’re at your lowest point and feel you’ve really hit rock bottom, think of this: the best is yet to come. Think of how many wonderful experiences are still out there waiting for you to explore them, turn them into the best memories of your life. Think of the inspiring people you will meet who will teach you valuable lessons.

Think of the amazing places you will visit and the sense of wonder that leaves you in awe every time you travel. Think of the cool new friends you’ll make throughout your future journeys. Think about how someone will thank you for being in their lives and think of the many people you will inspire along the way.

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And in those moments, you will look back on your darkest hours and say: “Thank you. Thank you for making me the person that I am now.” And right then you will think: “I’m so happy right now.”

Be patient and focused and you will not have only overcome the hardest part. You will have attained wisdom and learned how to be more grateful and stay grounded. Don’t be discouraged because things always have a way of working out in the end. Remember that with rain droplets on your window comes a big rainbow!

Trust that the best is yet to come. Be kind and share this with a loved one!