3 Things To Remember When You Feel Defeated

No one wants to feel broken and defeated. When we do, we think there’s no way out of that well, no little light at the end of our tunnel. Oftentimes, we feel so uncomfortable with our feelings of sadness that we prefer to avoid, neglect or repress them. Only to find they keep coming back.

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What you tell yourself is what will help you get through the tough times. So here are the 3 most important things to remember when life brings you down.

It’s okay not be okay

Every human on this planet has experienced grief in some form. We’ve all had our hearts broken and we all faced ups and downs. What matters is that we eventually overcome these trials. So don’t put yourself down for feeling the way you do. Once you realize that some things are indeed beyond your control, you will stop blaming yourself.

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Whatever you do, don’t block your emotions. Allow yourself to feel them without the need to identify yourself with them. Embrace everything you feel in those moments; the knowledge that they are only temporary will help you get through.

You’ve been here before

You’ve been through hard times before. And you thought you couldn’t make it and yet you have overcome all the obstacles. You did it all with your strength and will. This will help you see that these difficult times are indeed fleeting. Recognize in you the power and the desire to push through as these are greater than any feelings of defeat.

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There’s good in the bad

Everything does happen for a reason. Even if this is very hard to realize when we’re feeling down, it’s true. Things may not always go our way, but if we hold on we can see how much is there to learn. Grief and heartache can teach us so much about ourselves as they can arm us with whatever it takes to be prepared for our next battle. And the next one.

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Wisdom and maturity arise from how we choose to respond to pain. We either stay, pay attention and learn or run and never really grasp what it means to be alive.

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